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People of any or no gender identity may be considered for any roles they wish to audition for. 

CASSIE FERGUSON (Age 30-35, Female identifying) - Returning to the chorus after years of being a featured performer. She is having to humble herself to audition for the chorus again with younger and less experienced dancers. Previously had a relationship with Zach and it did not end well. Very strong dancer. Vocal Range: A3 - D#5 (Soprano)

DIANA MORALES (Age 22-30, Female identifying) - A streetwise, yet eternal optimist. A determined and athletic dancer from the Bronx. Vocal Range: G3 - C#5 (Alto)

JUDY TURNER (Age 28, Female identifying) - Funny, gawky, nervous. Warm and hopeful. Very awkward except when dancing. Vocal Range: G#3 - C#5 (Mezzo)

VAL CLARK (Age 25-30, Female identifying) - Sassy, funny. A foul-mouthed but excellent dancer who knows what she wants and will go out to get it with a great sense of performance. A brazen, direct, attention-seeker from Vermont. Vocal Range: G#3 - C#5 (Mezzo)


BEBE BENZENHEIMER (Age 18-25, Female identifying) - Very insecure about her looks and tries to be funny to cover her insecurities. Feels a little excluded but just wants to be liked. She is quiet, vulnerable and kind. Vocal Range: F# - C#5 (Alto)

CONNIE WONG (Age 25-35, Female identifying) - Experienced dancer. Married. Petite. A bit of a mother hen with a great sense of humor. Born in Chinatown, New York. Vocal Range: C4 - D5​ (Alto)


KRISTINE URICH (Age 18-25, Female identifying) - Married to Alan, her first audition, really nervous. Excellent dancer. Can’t sing (during her song) but needs to sing the rest of the show. She’s one of the youngest auditioning. She is awkward, anxious and hilarious. Vocal Range: B3 - Eb5 (Mezzo)


MAGGIE WINSLOW (Age 26, Female identifying) - A sweetheart, little sister type. A bit meek but loves the theatre. Dreamer. Fairly experienced dancer from California. Vocal Range: A3 - E5 (Soprano)

SHEILA BRYANT (Age 34-37,  Female identifying) - One of the oldest dancers on the line. Sheila is of similar age to Cassie and Zach. Has worked with them many times before, and is very comfortable and relaxed on stage, if not the best technical dancer. She started dancing to escape her home life. Confident, brassy, sassy, bratty and sophisticated. One of the more popular dancers; humorous. Vocal Range: G3 - Bb4 (Alto)


ZACH (Age 34-45, Male identifying) - The director and choreographer of the show for which the dancers are auditioning. He is a stage veteran and thus can be curt and harsh, but he is revealed to be a caring and empathetic man who truly grows to care about these dancers. Previously had a relationship with Cassie, before she left to pursue a career in LA. Non-singing


LARRY/LORI (Age 25+, Male/Female identifying) - Zach’s assistant who teaches and demonstrates the audition dances. Needs to be a great dancer, as they are the standard to which all of the auditioning dancers are held. Non-singing. 


BOBBY MILLS (Age 20s, Male identifying) - Flamboyant, funny and witty. Very sharp tongued. Covers everything over with a joke; had a very hard childhood. From upstate New York. ​Vocal Range: Eb3 - C4 (Baritone)


MARK ANTHONY (Age 18-25, Male identifying) - Optimistic; first-timer; naïve but quite earnest. Really wants to get into the show and is a good dancer. ​Vocal Range: E3 - G#4 (Tenor)


MIKE/MIKKI COSTA (Age 20-25, Male/Female identifying) - Determined, cocky, sure of himself, but likeable. Tap dancer who worked with Zach before. Experienced; flirtatious. From New Jersey. Needs special dancing skill. ​Vocal Range: F3 - G#4 (Tenor)


RICHIE WALTERS (Age 27-32, Male identifying) - From Missouri. Enthusiastic, cool and very funny. Likeable, laid back and a strong dancer. Vocal Range: D3 - A4 (Tenor)


AL DELUCA (Age 25-30, Male identifying) - From the Bronx. Street tough, macho, and newly married to Kristine; very protective. Vocal Range: E3 - G#4 (Baritone)


PAUL SAN MARCO (Age 38-32, Male identifying) - Introverted and slightly insecure but loves performing; only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. From Spanish Harlem, New York. Friends with Diana. ​Vocal Range: C#3 - F#4 (Baritone)


DON KERR (Age 25-30s, Male identifying) - Ladies man, married, and into cars, money, and women. Very sure of himself. Cocky because he has worked with Zach before. From Kansas City. Don maintains other jobs and a family along with his love of Broadway. ​Vocal Range: D3 - F#4 (Baritone)


GREGORY GARDENER (Age 25-32, Male identifying) - Quite a smart-alec and has worked with Zach before. From the East Side of New York. ​Vocal Range: D3 - E4 (Baritone)


CUT DANCERS: The following characters in A Chorus Line are auditioners eliminated during the initial cut. They will be used as offstage singers, and possibly as understudies. 


LOIS DILETTENTE- A ballerina who is able to get through the ballet combination but not the jazz combo. Ballerina; non-speaking


TRICIA - Believed to be from Ohio. She has been with a touring company but not in a Broadway show before. Tricia is traditionally the only cut dancer with a vocal solo in "I Hope I Get It.” (This may or may not be the case in our production).


VICKI VICKERS - A pretty California-blonde type. She has not had any ballet training nor done any Broadway shows. She is only able to get through the jazz combination with Larry demonstrating in front of the group.


BUTCH BARTON - Believed to be from Oklahoma, and has a bit of an attitude. He is unable to correct his mistake in the first boys' combination. Non-speaking. 


FRANK - Continually looks at his feet while dancing, based on Serrecchia having polio as a child. He wears a headband - is referred to as headband boy; non-speaking


TOM TUCKER - Believed to be from Memphis. He does not speak but is seen mouthing the counts during both combinations. Counts with his mouth; non-speaking


ROY - Has only had one year of ballet training and continually brings his arms on the wrong downbeat. “Wrong-arm boy”


*To uphold the integrity of the production, the roles of Diana Morales and Paul San Marco will only be considered for actors who identify as Latinx. The role of Connie Wong will only be considered for Asian identifying actors and the role of Richie Walters will only be considered for Black identifying actors.*

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