STORYTELLERS -  Gossipers/City People/Peasants

All members of the company will essentially be a Storyteller. Some tracks may be doubled with others! Additionally, folks of all genders/with no gender may audition for any and all roles!

TI MOUNE - A peasant girl who has been adopted, she is a dark skinned island girl with much curiosity and energy. Earnest and romantic about all creatures. She falls in love with Daniel Beauxhomme, and makes a promise to the gods to save his life. High belt, vocal range G3-E5. 

DANIEL BEAUXHOMME - A youthful man from the wealthy part of the island. He is pale skinned and inherently bound to fulfill the expectations of his higher social class. Struggles with his feelings for Ti Moune. Tenor, vocal range C#3-F#4.

ASAKA - The Mother of the Earth. Mezzo/Soprano, vocal range A3-E5.

AGWE - The lwa (primary spirit, Loo-wah) of Water. Baritone, vocal range B2-E4.

ERZULIE - The lwa of Love. Soprano, vocal range A3-C#5.

PAPA GE - An lwa and the sly demon of death. Tenor, vocal range C3-G4

MAMA EURALIE - Peasant. The adoptive mother of Ti Moune, with a strong belief in the lwas. Wife of Tonton Julian. Wife of Tonton Julian. Mezzo-Alto, vocal range Gb3-B4.

TONTON JULIAN - Peasant farmer, the adoptive father of Ti Moune. Husband of Mama Euralie. Baritone, vocal range G3-E4. 

ANDREA DEVERAUX - A wealthy beauxhomme, she is the well-to-do fiance of Daniel Beauxhomme. Mezzo.

ARMAND BEAUXHOMME: - A wealthy beauxhomme, he is the careless Frenchman who came to the island long ago. Baritone.

LITTLE TI MOUNE - Small peasant girl. Much of the play comes to life through her eyes.